Fall/Winter 2020 Table Ronde & Special Event Calendar

Please note: All September - December, 2020 table ronde sessions will be conducted via Zoom. We will hold sessions on Wednesday morning from 10:00am -11:30am and on Wednesday evening from 7:30pm -9:00pm. Unless otherwise noted, the topic will be the same for the morning and evening sessions.  Please visit this page for the latest update on future table ronde sessions.

Sept. 9 - A Modern Retelling of the Chansons de Geste, special presentation by Linda McCabe followed by small group discussions. Learn more about Linda McCabe here.

Host: Martine Bertin-Peterson

Sept. 23 - La fabuleuse histoire du Louvre. Explore the history of this famous museum, followed by small group discussions of your favorite Louvre artworks.

Host: Martine Bertin-Peterson


Oct. 7 - La Femme française - Qui est la vraie “femme française?” Est-ce qu’elle est le stéréotype, ou est-ce qu’elle est quelque chose d’autre? Choisissez une ‘femme française” qui a influencé la culture française ou bien la culture mondiale…une femme historique ou une femme contemporaine. (Who is the real "French woman?" Is she the stereotype or something else entirely? Pick a French woman who has influenced French culture or world culture...a woman from the past or a contemporary).

Host: Lois Heist

Oct. 21 - Doit-on jamais mentir?  Deux mensonges et une verité (Should you ever lie? Come up with 2 lies and a truth to keep your colleagues guessing) 

Host: Edythe Patterson


Nov. 4 - Quelles émissions suivez-vous sur vos appareils numériques? (Discuss the programs you watch on your digital devices- tv series, documentaries, cooking programs, exercise shows, et al)

Host: Janis Seminack

Nov. 18 - Un cours de français que j'ai suivi pour améliorer mon français. (Tell us about a French course you have taken to improve your French language skills)

Host: Janet McIntosh

Dec. 2 - La Poésie - special presentation by published poet and Alliance member, Lynn Levin. Small group discussion questions to follow.

Host: Martine Bertin-Peterson

Dec. 16 - Monsieur Batignole- "screening" of this moving French film set during the German occupation of France..

Host: Arlene Hanauer



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