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           Table Ronde & Special Event Calendar
  Winter/Spring Theme: French Fashion, Food & Film
           In case of inclement weather, we will hold our session via                  Zoom. Please check here for weather notices & advisories!

Be sure to check our  Special Events page for details on upcoming programs and events for members!

January 4 - La Bijouterie. Barbara Punchello will discuss French jewelry.

January 18 - La Haute Couture et Christian Dior. Martine Bertin-Peterson will discuss the evolution of la haute couture in France with additional discussion about Christian Dior. Que pensez-vous de la haute couture? Quels sont vos habits préférés? Pourquoi? Est-ce que vous avez une marque préférée?

February 1- Special presentation with author Janine Marsh via Zoom. Registration required. Limited to 50 participants!

February 15 - Les films anti-guerre. Janet McIntosh will discuss French anti-war films.

March 1 - Où étiez-vous quand....? Where were you on an "important" date? The date can be one of

 national/international significance or of personal significance.

March 15 - Les étoiles Michelin. Lois Heist will discuss the origins and history of the Michelin star ratings. Discussion questions to follow.

March 29 -Dialogue des Carmelites, vidéo d'une opéra française. Emily Golden will lead a discussion of the opera. Discussion questions to follow.


April 12 - Guest presentation via Zoom by Frederic Paul & Fabien Rotin. "Aix-en-Patrimoine" Program details here.

April 23- Anniversary Luncheon at the Washington Crossing Inn. Details to follow.

April 26-Guest presentation via Zoom by Gary Lee Kraut. "Les theatres parisiens" 

May 10 - Présentation du film "Le Dernier Métro" suivi par discussion. Part I of a 2 part presentation  fled by Arlene Hanauer, followed by discussion.

May 24 - Présentation du film "Le Dernier Métro" suivi par discussion. Part II of the

 film followed by discussion, led by Arlene Hanauer.

June 7 - Paper Bag Players. Réprise of this always popular activity. Details to follow.

June 21 - Discussion du roman "L'anomalie" par Hervé Le Tellier. This 2023 "One book, one federation" selection will be led by Edythe Patterson.  The Federation’s One Book One Federation program supports French literacy throughout the United States. Click here to purchase the book for the discounted price of $11.00 including shipping.

July 16- Fete du 14 juillet at the Moland House. Details to follow.




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