Fall 2021 Table Ronde & Special Event Calendar

September 6 - Où j'ai voyagé depuis la pandémie. Where have you gone since Covid? To the grocery store? On a vacation? Have you traveled abroad?

September 19- New and Existing Member Reception at Moland House. Details here.

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September 22 – Trois applis utiles et une appli que j'aimerais inventer. What are your 3 favorite phone apps? Is there an app you'd like to see invented? (Please send the names/urls of your favorite apps to afdoylestown@gmail.com so we may share them with the group)

October 6 - La voiture. Your first car, your dream car, a funny car story.

October 20 - Un objet d'art favori. What is your favorite piece of art- one that you own or one in a gallery or museum.

November 3- La personne qui m'a beaucoup influencée. Who has been the greatest influence on your life?

November 17 - Une balade à travers ma ville préférée. A walking tour of my favorite city.

Upcoming topics, dates TBD

The Art of Suzanne Valadon. Special presentation by Lois Heist and Janet McIntosh to coincide with the Barnes Museum's exhibit: Suzanne Valadon: Model, Painter, Rebel, Sept. 26, 2021- Jan. 9, 2022.