Table Ronde & Special Event Calendar

In case of inclement weather, we will hold our session via        Zoom. Please check here for weather notices & advisories!

Be sure to check our  Special Events page for details on upcoming programs and events for members!

December 5 - Holiday Fête at the Ingham House. More details here.

December 15 - Marcel Proust a trempé une madeleine dans son thé. Cela lui a rapporté des souvenirs du passé. Avez-vous jamais resssenti une sensation qui a provoquée des souvenirs? ( Marcel Proust dipped a madeleine in his tea; it brought back memories of the past. Have you ever experienced a sensation that brought back memories?)

January 5- Qu'avez- vous fait pour survivre la pandémie? (How did you manage surviving the pandemic? Did you read books, find new television series, find a new pastime, gain weight?)


January 19- Discussion of Tous les hommes n’habitent pas le monde de la même façon One Book, One Federation 2022 selection. Order your discounted copy of this book here  

February 2- Qu'avez-vous créé? (What have you created? Have you made something yourself? Have you ever made, created or constructed something you are proud of?)

February 16 - Les Jardins de France, guest presentation by Gary Lee Kraut.

March 2- Que signifie un nom? Pourquoi ce nom? (What’s in a name? Talk about a name and its meaning). 

March 16 - Mes animaux familiers. (Tell us about your favorite pet(s)).

March 30 - Conversation avec Alain Lefebvre, former French diplomat and author of Macron Unveiled: The Prototype for a New Generation of World Leaders. Via Zoom!  See details here.


April 13 - Une réunion. ( Have you attended a recent high school, college or family reunion?)

April 24 - Anniversary Luncheon at Washington Crossing Inn. See details here.

April 27- Qui suis-je? (Our popular "Who am I" interactive guessing game is offered once again).

May 11 - Madan Sara, Haitian film and panel discussion. Via Zoom!  See details here.

May 25- Les coincidences qui m'ont frappées.(We have all experienced coincidences that have shocked and surprised us).


June 8- Mes passe-temps favoris. ( What are your favorite hobbies and leisure time activities?)


June 22- TBD